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Freebie Friday: Summer Cleaner Labels

I love adding some extra summertime fun to my everyday products. It just makes the changing seasons that much more fun! Our FREEBIE today is printable stickers for your Thieves or On Guard Cleaner.

Summer Thieves Cleaner Recipe for 16 ounce bottle

+ Add 1-2 capfuls of Thieves Cleaner

+ 10 drops of Lemon

+ 5 Drops of Lime

+ 5 Drops of Lemon Myrtle

+ Fill with water and enjoy

Summer Thieves Cleaner Recipe for 2 ounce bottle

+ Add 1/2 capful of Thieves Cleaner

+ 4 drops of Lemon

+ 2 Drops of Lime

+ 2 Drops of Lemon Myrtle

+ Fill with water and enjoy

Stain Stick Recipe

+ Add equal Parts Thieves Cleaner and Thieves Dish Soap to a roller bottle

+ Shake and roll on stains to pretreat before washing


+ Download Link: Summer Cleaner Labels

+ Sometimes Google Drive works best on a computer so if you are having trouble on your phone, try that!

+ This download includes individual images as well as a ready to print PDF. We recommend using waterproof or water resistant paper. See our amazon storefront for product ideas. To further protect your labels, you can add clear packing tape or self adhesive laminating sheets over your sticker paper. No printer? Check out a printing service such as Avery.

+ Please do not sell or edit designs.

If you use this freebie, we would love to see! Tagging @cloverandclem on instagram is so appreciated! I hope you enjoy!

XO Kessler

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