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Freebie Friday: Sweet Summer Room Spray Label

Updated: May 23, 2020

Happy Friday! This week, our freebie is a printable "Sweet Summer Room Spray" sticker. These ocean blues are perfect for summer. Make a roller, spray, or add them to your summer happy mail! Create your favorite Summer Room Spray in a small spray bottle and add this cute sticker!

How to make a room spray with essential oils:

Choose your favorite summer oil combo. I am planning to use:

+ 5 Drops Tangerine

+ 5 Drops Grapefruit

+ 5 Drops Lime

+ 10 Stress Away

In a small glass spray bottle, add oils of choice, a splash of witch hazel, and fill with water leaving some room for the cap. Dry the bottle thoroughly and clean with alcohol before applying your sticker. Shake before each use. This sticker goes perfectly with our Stars + Stripes set too!


+ You may not sell or claim designs as your own.

+ Tagging is not necessary, but always appreciated.

+ Sticker is 2x2 but can be printed smaller.

+ Printing larger will make it blurry.

+ To use, click the download link below and save this file onto your computer. You can then upload the files to whatever template the maker of your labels provides.

I hope you enjoy these!

XO Kessler

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