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June FREEBIE: Summer Cleaning Spray

Happy June! Today we are sharing the cutest colorful cleaner labels! Perfect for summer!

You can download a FREEBIE label for your Thieves or On Guard Household Cleaners from the link below and print on sticker paper. For extra durability, cover with a self adhesive laminating sheet before cutting. You can also upload the files to Avery and have them print for you.

Summer Cleaner Recipe

+ 16 ounce spray bottle

+ 1-2 tablespoons of Thieves or On Guard Concentrate

+ 8 drops Orange

+ 5 drops Grapefruit

+ 5 drops Spruce

Fill with water and enjoy!


+ Download Link: June Freebie Cleaner Labels

+ Sometimes Google Drive works best on a computer so if you are having trouble on your phone, try that!

+ Labels are 8 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. When you print, make sure that it is set to 100% to keep it this size.


+ This design was created by Clover + Clementine. It is unethical to reproduce, recreate, copy or be inspired by our designs. It brings us so much joy to offer these freebies so do not edit, sell, or recreate. Please be kind, and don't copy.

If you use this freebie, we would love to see! Tagging @cloverandclem on instagram is so appreciated! I hope you enjoy! XO Kessler

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