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  • Oh my goodness! I am so excited to finallyyyy share this massive bundle of roller blend recipes, labels, and more for KIDS! The style is HAPPY MODERN! We wanted to keep in minimalist but really fun! The colors are fresh but also a throwback to vintage children's books from the 60's which is one of my favorite inspirations for design!

    I have poured a lot of love into this set and it is packed with so many fun things!

    Set Includes:
    - Roller Blend Card (Young Living + DoTerra Files) with matching 10ml and 5ml Labels
    - Dilution Chart Card
    - Playdough Recipe Card with matching label
    - Spray Blend Card (Young Living + DoTerra Files) with matching label
    - 2 options for booklet covers if you choose to make a booklet instead of postcards
    - Postcard back that says "Hello!"
    - PDF File with printing tips and printable pages
    - Bonus Stickers


    - Cards are 5x7 (can be printed smaller)
    - 10ml Labels - Height: 2 Inches; Width: 2 Inches
    - 5ml Labels - Height: 2.5 Inches; Width 1.25 inches


    What's Included
    - This listing is for DIGITAL FILES ONLY and NO items will be shipped.
    - Individual JPEGS of all images
    - PDF Files for Full size paper
    - Young Living AND DoTerra Files are included so please make sure you have the desired files before printing.
    - After your payment has processed, files will be accessible as INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS


    How to Print Labels:

    OPTION 1 - You can use a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper and cut them out yourself. This is how I print mine and it is so super easy! I recommend cardstock for postcards and waterproof sticker paper for labels. See our Instagram for links to printing products.

    OPTION 2 - Use an online company like Vistaprint, Sticker Mule, or Avery

    Tip: If you have the option of making your printer "darker" or "more saturated" that can help the colors print with more vibrance.

    Check out our Instagram @Cloverandclem for lots of label ideas from our customers and please tag us in any photos you share! We LOVE seeing them and often feature our customers photos!

    "Happy Modern KIDS Set" Blends, Recipes, Labels, | Download + Print

    • - ALL files may be used by the PURCHASER ONLY. 
      - Purchaser may NOT resell printed pieces. 
      - Purchaser may NOT alter printed pieces.

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