• Hey Plant Lady!

    These decals make the perfect addition to your plant sprays. We use indoor / outdoor vinyl so with proper application they are long lasting against the elements. (If you use it on a water bottle, you will want to avoid the dishwasher or soaking it in the sink. Just hand wash and dry.) 


    - LARGE Plant Lady 3" (fits 16 ounce bottles) 
    - SMALL Plant Lady 2" (fits 2-4 ounce bottles) 

    - One of each Size

    - An instruction page will be included so you will know how to apply Labels to your bottles. 
    - We use high quality vinyl that will hold up great to daily use.
    - You can remove labels by soaking in hot water and using lemon oil. Labels are NOT reusable.


    TIPS / INFO: 
    - Label only, bottle not included.
    - Check out our Instagram @Cloverandclem for lots of label ideas from our customers!

    Plant Lady Decal