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  • PRINTED Back to School Card + Sticker Set


    What's Included: 3 Recipe Cards and 6 Stickers

    + Diffuser Blend Recipe Card 4x6 inches

    + DIY Recipe Card 4x6 inches

    + Roller Recipe Card 4x6 inches

    + "Happy Hair Mist" Sticker 2x4.5 inches

    + "Bedtime Bath Soak" Sticker 2x4.5 inches

    + "Backpack Spray" Sticker 2x4.5 inches

    + "Stain Stick" Sticker 2x2 inches

    + "Staying Well" Sticker 2x2 inches

    + "Super Focused" Sticker 2x2 inches

    + "Feeling Brave" Sticker 2x2 inches

    + "Restful Sleep" Sticker 2x2 inches

    + "Back to School All Purpose Cleaner" Sticker 3x6 inches 





    About the Stickers

    Stickers are printed on vinyl sticker paper.  They are sealed in clear vinyl to provide extra protection and make the stickers extra glossy.


    About the Recipe Card 

    Recipe cards are printed on matte 120lb double thick cardstock.

    Oils used are not brand specific. 


    Sticker Application + Care 

    Important: Bottles must be free of any oils or debris before applying stickers. Always prepare bottles by thoroughly cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry before applying sticker. Stickers should not be submerged in water. 


    Card and stickers only. Bottles are not included. 


    If you are looking for a version of this set that you can print your own, we have that too! Look in the digital download section of the shop.

    PRINTED SET "Back to School" Card + Sticker Set

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