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Our Weekly Basket

Each week, I love gathering some fun activities for my daughter and I to enjoy throughout the day. I recently started using a preschool curriculum called "A Year of Tales" and it is absolutely precious! The creator, Lisa Wilkinson, uses Beatrix Potter stories to create a really amazing nature inspired plan for each week. Since Birdie is only two, we do not do all of the included lessons just yet. I use a few of the suggested activities, games, crafts, and books to fill our basket and include addition things that I think my daughter will enjoy. Gathering everything into a basket ahead of time helps me have fun things to do without having to search for things as we need them. Huge time saver!

Now onto our basket for this week! We are reading "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and enjoying all things rabbit and garden.

What is on our basket for this week:

Curriculum - A year of Tales

Weather Cards - Shop Free Pancakes

Bunny Activities - Fiddle Sticks Education

Sign Language Cards - Amazon

Story Boards - Life Abundantly Blog

Garden Bin Supplies - Target

Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt

A Tale of Peter Rabbit

I have more information saved on my personal Instagram story highlight "Weekly Basket" and you can find that here @kesslerpatillo.

I hope you have a beautiful week!


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