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Freebie: Modern Stripe Sticker

Autumn weather is giving me alllll the cozy feels. Even though I want to curl up with a big cup of coffee and watch my favorite fall movies, the to-do list is long! So I made a little morning morning motivation roller with a few favorite energy boosting oils.

Autumn Morning Motivation Roller Recipe

+ 10 Drops of Citrus Fresh

+ 10 Drops Stress Away

+ 5 Drops of Lime

+ Fill with a carrier oil. Note: citrus oils are photosensitive so be mindful of sun exposure after application.

I like to print my stickers on this sticker paper. The roller bottles are from Grand Parfums.


+ You may not sell or claim designs or recipe ideas as your own.

+ Tagging is not necessary, but always so appreciated.

+ Stickers are 2 x 2 inches. These stickers are made to fit 10ml

+ Download Link: Click here for your Stripe Sticker. Sometimes Google Drive works best on a computer so if you are having trouble on your phone, try that!

I hope you enjoy these!

XO Kessler

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