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Freebie New Years + January Promo Graphics

The New Year is almost here! I always love the fresh beginning that January brings. We are looking forward to some exciting things for Clover + Clementine in 2021 so let's celebrate the new year with some fun freebie graphics.

There are graphics for New Year blends to share on Instagram stories. * We will be adding the January promo on the 1st so check back for that. *


+ You may not sell or claim designs or recipe ideas as your own.

+ Tagging is not necessary, but always so appreciated.

+ Please make sure "Clover + Clementine" is visible when you share. No cropping please.

+ The large graphics are made to share on Instagram Stories. The square graphics can be used as an instagram post.

+ Download Link: January Graphics. Sometimes Google Drive works best on a computer so if you are having trouble on your phone, try that!

I hope you enjoy!

XO Kessler

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