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Freebie: Printable Star Stickers

I love changing up my sleep oils with the changing seasons. The calming aroma of Lavender along with the wellness boosting oils in Thieves are perfect for Fall! You could also add in Frankincense or whatever you like!

Sleep WELL Roller Recipe

+ 12 Drops of Lavender

+ 8 Drops of Thieves or On Guard

+ Fill with a Carrier Oil

Sleep WELL Linen Spray

+ 20 Drops of Lavender

+ 12 Drops of Thieves or On Guard

+ Add a splash of witch hazel and fill with water. Shake before each use

You can make your bottles extra fun with ribbons and yarn. I found this mustard yarn and black gilt from Hobby Lobby. I like to print my stickers on this sticker paper. The spray bottles are from amazon and the roller bottles are from Grand Parfums.


+ You may not sell or claim designs or recipe ideas as your own.

+ Tagging is not necessary, but always so appreciated.

+ Stickers are 2 x 2 inches. These stickers are made to fit 15ml bottles or you can trim them to fit a 5ml.

+ Download Link: Click here for your Star Sticker. Sometimes Google Drive works best on a computer so if you are having trouble on your phone, try that!

I hope you enjoy these!

XO Kessler

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